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Welcome to Episode 55: Justice for DJ

This is a special case as it comes from a listener seeking justice for her deceased brother. His murder was ruled a suicide and his family is doing everything they can to get the ruling overturned so that justice can be served.

Please listen and share to raise awareness for this grieving family.

We have used less profanity in this episode but there is still some in there because we were quoting text messages.

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Chapter 1 Episode 1

October, 2016. North Georgia. Several people occupy a known drug home; which is actually a plot of land with a trailer, a shed, and a camper. The trailer is known as Old Man’s house; this is the meth house. Among those inside the meth house is Don “DJ” Fickey, and DJ’s wife Brandy. Also inside the home is a gun.

Several other people are inside the trailer with Brandy and DJ.

As mentioned, there is a gun in the home as well. But it’s not your average “self-protecting” gun. It is a 12 gauge sawed-off shotgun. The gun goes off. 911 is called.

Responding officers find DJ shot in the face. He’s deceased. Witnesses claim someone else in the home – a one-time romantic interest of Brandy’s – shot and killed DJ. Some say accidentally, some say intentionally.

Members of DJ’s family can’t believe that DJ would kill himself, and some sheriff’s detectives don’t buy the suicide. But the state’s crime lab and a medical examiner disagree. And so nobody has ever been charged with the death of Donald Edward Fickey, Jr.

In Episode 1 of Chapter 1, we will bring you the facts of the case. The death of DJ Fickey was ruled a suicide. But, what if it wasn’t a suicide? What if it was manslaughter? What if it was murder?


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Chapter 1 Episode 2

In Episode 2 of Chapter 1, we complied interviews with experts and people close to the case. We were given the opportunity to interview a former 911 dispatcher to gain a different perspective on the 911 calls that we were privy to in DJ’s case. Suzanne was a 911 dispatcher for 6 years in the state of Arkansas. After asking Suzanne to listen to the 911 calls; we asked for her take on the way the calls were handled. If you would like to hear more from Suzanne, it’s actually quite simple! You can head over to your favorite podcast app and search for 911 Moms Pod. Join Suzanne and Deana as they “talk about 911 dispatching, the calls that made headlines, and the crimes they reported”.

911 Moms Pod

Our second interview was with Amanda, who is DJ Fickey’s sister.  Amanda and DJ lost their father while still in their childhood years. This was especially hard on DJ and according to Amanda, he never wanted his children to experience the paint that he did. The pain of growing up without a father. Amanda cares about her brother. Amanda cares about his legacy. Most of all, Amanda cares that DJ’s children know what happened to their father. She doesn’t want them growing up, thinking that he chose to leave them. Amanda won’t stop until there is Justice for DJ.

You can help too! You can sign the petition to help bring this case in front of a grand jury! This is an important step to get Justice for DJ! You can visit and search for “help support justice for dj…” and the petition will populate. As of today, there are 700 signatures of the 1,000 needed! Your signature can help!  (petition)
You can also visit Amanda’s Facebook page called “Justice for DJ”
Or reach out to her on Twitter: @JusticeForDj88
Amanda has also set up a website where you can find all of the information about DJ’s case:

Finally, we interviewed Private Investigator, Eric Echols. Eric Echols is the Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of The LPS Group with more than 25 years of experience in the areas of loss prevention, investigations, security, and training. Eric is a Certified Forensic Interviewer and have interview and interrogation experience in criminal, civil, domestic and retail investigations. Eric also continues to investigate multiple criminal cases in Georgia that make national news. Eric has written a book as well, entitled Echols Files: Catoosa County Justice. The Echols Files – Catoosa County Justice is about Eric Echols working as the Private Investigator on the biggest child molestation case in Georgia. This case made national news and defendant Tonya Craft was acquitted on all twenty two charges. In this book, you will see how Eric uncovered a conspiracy, political influence, and injustice even when the DA trumped up false felony charges to shut Eric down. Intrigue, suspense, corruption and more is covered in this book.

If you would like to order his book, you can visit and search Echols Files. (Book)
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Chapter 1 Episode 3

Death investigation requires strict adherence to guidelines. Investigators must search for clues that identify a death as natural, suicide or homicide. In the case of homicide, investigators must carefully collect evidence to help identify suspects and convict murderers.”

The DJ Fickey death scene was not properly processed. The coroner’s decision to declare the death a suicide – apparently only after about 30 minutes of his arriving at the scene – forever made impossible the collection, processing and analysis of certain critical evidence.

In Episode 3 of Chapter 1, we examined the proper procedure for investigating a death scene. We dicussed the key players as well as their roles in the investigation. We also discuss the importance of physcial evidence as well as the collection and securing of the evidence. Additionally, we examined some false or misleading information that was provided to the medical examiner within the first few hours of the investigation. Once it was decided that DJ killed himself, the investigation took a turn. Once it is determined to be a suicide, the entire investigation shifts and key evidence could be lost.

Every call should be handled as a crime until it has been determined that no crime has occurred.

Justice for DJ means something very specific to DJ’s sister Amanda, as you’ve heard. Frankly, without Amanda, very few people would care about DJ’s death, and you certainly wouldn’t have heard about it.

Having seen the police report, interviewed experts and viewed the crime scene photos, Scott and Heather both believe that DJ did not pull the trigger of that shotgun. But we can’t say for sure. Frankly, it’s not our job to say for sure. And this is why DJ was a victim twice over…

DJ Fickey either shot himself, or he was shot – and so DJ was either a victim of homicide or suicide. But then, the professionals whose job it was to ensure that DJ’s manner of death was correct – from the coroner, to the Walker County Sheriff’s Department, to the state’s crime lab, to even the district attorney – failed to do their jobs.



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