Learn the truth

Oct 3, 2016 Dj was staying at a friends house with his wife, his wife’s ex and several others. He was texting our mom begging for a ride out of there stating if he didn’t get out of there he was going to end up dead. Stated his life depended on it. And he and his wife had to get out of there to save their lives.

My mom had just got the news a few weeks before that only 20% of her heart was working and was informed to stay away from stress and anytime Dj and brandy were around they would argue on and off constantly. So my mom told him they couldn’t come stay with her. These text went on for about 20 minute until my mom asked him if he came back home was he going to go to court for child support. He texted back with yes. Once he got that text he went into the other room where his wife was doing her hair and told her “mom is coming to get us, get your stuff together” he went back in the living room and sat on the couch.

Brandy “the wife” walked out of the bathroom into the living room, seen person of interest/her ex come out of the bedroom directly behind djs left shoulder with a shotgun, called him a mother****er and pulled the trigger.

Only 3 minutes from the last text message Dj sent to my mom a 911 call was placed by person of interest/ex boyfriend stating he needed a ambulance there that he had a guy there that had shot himself. He would hang up on 911 a total of 3 times as every time the wife would start to get loud in the background he would hang up.

On the last call, 911 advised him to move the gun. My brother was right handed. He was shot in the left cheek right below the corner of his lip at a front to back, left to right and downward angle. Impossible to do. He was also in a house full of people, at least 9, and was sitting directly inside the front door.

People who kill them selves do it in isolation. As well as use their dominant hand to do so.

The person of interest then laid the gun in his lap and even stated to 911 that was where the gun was at. A shotgun is not going to just peacefully fall into someone’s lap if they were to shoot them self.

Person of interest then changed clothes and washed his hands. Everyone inside the home took off and left except the wife and person of interest.

When law enforcement showed up they all returned making it look like they had just gotten there. The detectives only questioned person of interest as he could not get anything out of the wife for her being hysterical. They took the word of a well known felon/drug addict that it was a suicide and did no suicide investigation what so ever. They went with that story and ran with it.

The only information given to the crime lab was that there was a witness that saw him shoot himself, that witness being our person of interest. This person would change his story within the first hour of the shooting as well as many other times along the investigation.

He also failed a polygraph test and failed a re-enactment of how the shooting occurred. The examiner said there was absolutely no way the shooting happened the way the person of interest described it.