The endless  pain

How was your day?

What did you do?

Do you miss us as bad as we miss you?

I sat and talked to your picture today, Just as I always do. As tears poured down my face, I thought to myself, how I would have given anything if I could have taken your place. 

I often think about that. And I know I have a daughter of my own. 

But if I were to have died that day she would have been old enough to remembered me when God called me home. 

Everything I do reminds me of you. 

Every time I go somewhere, thoughts or even a song. I think to myself where did we all go wrong? 

Losing you is still a nightmare that I can’t seem to wake up from. 

Missing you is torment and the pain will never be undone. 

I lost a brother, a best friend and a protector. 

And this hurt, pain and void in my heart will go on forever. 

It will never get easier as they all continue to say. They have no idea, because their brother wasn’t murdered that day 😔

I love you forever… Amanda ❤️


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